• The Discourse of Duncan

    The Discourse of Duncan

    I've collected all of Arne Duncan's public speeches from the past 5 years and imported them in to an open-source text analysis platform. The result: you can search and analyze the secretary's word usage.

  • How is software positioned in education reform?

    How is software positioned in education reform?

    Software-powered technologies are essential for the current reforms, from information systems integration to computerized assessments to online learning.

  • What does it mean to think of software as a Reader of literature?

    What does it mean to think of software as a Reader of literature?

    Explore ways to welcome software as a reader and writer of texts. There are some meanings of literature that can only be made by reading distantly, then closely.

  • STEM-D Conference Coming Soon!

    STEM-D Conference Coming Soon!

    Join us for our first annual STEM-D Conference in White Plains. Educators and industry leaders from the region will converge to engage in sustained and authentic conversations about STEM education.

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5 Years of Arne Duncan Speeches


I’m pleased to introduce an open source text analysis tool for researchers and the public to search through speeches given by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  The speeches were gathered via web scraping software, organized as text files by date of speeches, and loaded into a fantastic open analytical engine called Voyant Tools.  The result is this: you can easily ... Read More »

inBloom: Privacy and Profits


The response to my previous video breakdown of the committee hearings on inBloom have spurred me to create a second installment, focusing on inBloom testimony.  (Thanks for picking it up NYC Parents.) Part Two will be out later this week.  After my preliminary viewing and analysis, I think this cartoon captures it pretty well.  Privacy is one issue; profiteering is ... Read More »

Introduce Kids to Robotics

Introduce Kids to Robotics

It’s A Book, Book

It’s A Book, Book

Undone Typewriter

Undone Typewriter

Automated Love

Automated Love