• The Discourse of Duncan

    The Discourse of Duncan

    I've collected all of Arne Duncan's public speeches from the past 5 years and imported them in to an open-source text analysis platform. The result: you can search and analyze the secretary's word usage.

  • How is software positioned in education reform?

    How is software positioned in education reform?

    Software-powered technologies are essential for the current reforms, from information systems integration to computerized assessments to online learning.

  • What does it mean to think of software as a Reader of literature?

    What does it mean to think of software as a Reader of literature?

    Explore ways to welcome software as a reader and writer of texts. There are some meanings of literature that can only be made by reading distantly, then closely.

  • STEM-D Conference Coming Soon!

    STEM-D Conference Coming Soon!

    Join us for our first annual STEM-D Conference in White Plains. Educators and industry leaders from the region will converge to engage in sustained and authentic conversations about STEM education.

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Qualitative Data Visualization Tool


I came across this tool called Nineteen recently and it prompted me to reconsider the way we represent qualitative data to the world.  I imagine possibilities in adapting it for things like writing assessment, text analysis, and literary study. Read More »

Critical Software Studies Map


In several recent studies, I’ve developed a concept map that attempts to capture the complexity of software-powered technologies in education.  It conceptualizes four broad spaces–political, economic, pedagogical, administrative–that inform the way we discuss and use software-powered technologies.  The central space–called software space–consists of five layers (there could have been more) that we must consider when discussing education technology: devices, network infrastructure, ... Read More »

Introduce Kids to Robotics

Introduce Kids to Robotics

It’s A Book, Book

It’s A Book, Book

Undone Typewriter

Undone Typewriter

Automated Love

Automated Love